What Authenticity Means and Why it is a Brilliant Success Strategy

by | Feb 25, 2022

What Authenticity Means and Why it is a Brilliant Success Strategy

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a big gap in our culture when it comes to authenticity. Thanks to social media, it’s like we’ve forgotten what authenticity means. It’s a pretty fucked up state of affairs when people care more about their Instagram posts than they do about their actual experience. But it’s good news for those of us who actually know what authenticity means because the world is hungry for it.

What authenticity means to me, in a nutshell, is giving zero fucks about what other people think of you. I’ve written a lot about this topic, and you’ll see this as a thread in my book Disasters to Dreams, but there’s a BIG reason why that’s the case. 

You can see some other blog posts I’ve done around this “being authentic” theme like 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Identify Your Core Values [Checklist to Starting a Business That Reflects Your Authenticity], or Actionable Tips On How to Find Your Values [Living Authentically].

It is my belief that the closer you live to who you authentically are (and the fewer fucks you give about other people’s opinions of the intentional choices you make) the greater your chances are of not just succeeding, but succeeding beyond your wildest dreams. 

You Enjoy Yourself

One of the most obvious reasons why this is the case is that we humans are happiest when we are free to be our authentic selves. So if you want to be wildly successful, put authenticity first. That means to make sure and include activities in your life and business plan that allow you to be who you truly are. 

Success is not just about making money; it’s about enjoying yourself and being the best version of YOU. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself that can help you hone in on your authenticity and genuineness.

  • What do you enjoy doing? 
  • What are you good at? 
  • What makes you feel proud of yourself? 
  • What do other people enjoy about you?

Another way to discover what makes you happy is to experiment with getting in the flow. See my previous blog post on how to get in the flow state for more insight about that.

Others Enjoy You

On the other side of the authenticity coin is the fact that people enjoy being around you more when you are being your authentic self. Most of us can feel it when someone is being fake. And if you’re doing business with someone (or even just connecting with them), you want to feel that they are operating with authenticity and integrity.

Integrity is a by-product of living authentically because someone who is being true to themself has nothing to hide.

Integrity is dying a slow and painful death in our culture. Hear my rant about that in this video.

So, real, down-to-earth authentic humans who operate with genuineness and integrity are becoming a rarity in our society. All the more reason to be your authentic self so you can stand out in the crowd.

I have a section in my new book, Disasters to Dreams, that addresses this topic. There are several sections in the book that I’ve titled WAY, which stands for “What About You?” 

In the WAY section on the topic of giving zero fucks, I ask the reader to explore some of the things they have not done in their lives out of fear of what other people will think about them (the opposite of being authentic). 

This might be a good time for you to do that exercise, especially if you are ready to take a stab at succeeding in business and life by being your authentic self. 

If so, go ahead and get a pencil and paper ready so you can answer a few questions. Here they are (and don’t just answer yes or no. Elaborate. Give examples. Really think about it):

  • Is there a dream job or career path you would like to pursue that would reflect your authentic self, but you have avoided because of the discouragement of others?
  • Do you avoid speaking your truth because you are afraid of how others will react?
  • Do you send yourself some of the same discouraging messages that others have voiced to you (like your parents, peers, or society in general)?
  • Are you ready to take back your power and step into your authentic life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I encourage you to experiment with the no-fucks-given lifestyle and start doing what makes YOU happy! The world is waiting for your authentic roar!


We seem to have forgotten what authenticity means in a world where people care more about looking good on social media than they care about being true to themselves.

But social media cannot keep us from being human. And humans crave authenticity. So now is a great time for all of us to step into our authentic selves and roar with a proud roar of genuineness and integrity, giving no fucks about what other people think. 

It’s time for YOU to be YOU and bring some joy to yourself and to others by showing the world what authenticity means!

Do you notice when others are being authentically themselves? Or when they are being fake?

What qualities do you have that reflect your authentic self?

How can you start to be more authentic, with no fucks given?

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