How To Get In The Flow State And Cash In On Its Bountiful Rewards

by | Feb 15, 2022

How To Get In The Flow State And Cash In On Its Bountiful Rewards

Time flies when we’re having fun! And one way to facilitate a lot of fun-having is knowing how to get in the flow state. Some things that taught me how to get in the flow state are playing music and snowboarding. 

What Does Flow State Mean?

It means being so connected to the activity you are engaged in that it seems like there is no separation between you and what you are doing. Sometimes we call it simply “being in the flow”, or “being in the zone.” 

The flow state of mind is the reason time flies when we’re having fun! And it’s the ideal state of mind for quite a few reasons. Of course, the most obvious is that we all want to have more fun, right? Damn straight!

Unfortunately, most of us cannot devote our lives to just having fun. That makes being in the flow state even more desirable because it can make work seem like fun too! Here are a few amazing truths about being in the flow state:

  • I believe wholeheartedly that the universe always has our back. The flow state of mind is the most optimal state for recognizing this. It’s like the open door that allows the universe to bring us a fulfilling life experience.

  • We are more present in the here and now in the flow state, where negative thoughts and feelings like frustration, doubt, uncertainty, and fear don’t carry us away.

  • Because of this, the flow state of mind facilitates things happening effortlessly.

  • We are more productive and efficient in the flow state of mind.

  • We come up with more creative solutions in the flow state of mind.

  • We feel a sense of self-empowerment when we’re in the zone.

  • Working from a state of flow makes us feel energized because we have essentially tapped into the infinite resource of universal intelligence instead of using our own limited energy bank. (A more complicated way of saying the universe has your back).

So being in the flow state shouldn’t be limited to the times when we are engaged in leisure activities. It’s worth the effort to learn how to get in the flow state for work as well (because it doesn’t feel like work when you’re operating from a state of flow!)

As you know if you follow my blog or have read my book, I believe that failures are actually opportunities and not obstacles on our pathways to success. Check out this short video to learn more about that if you like.

What makes getting in the flow an important part of seeing failures as opportunities is that, when we are in a flow state of mind, we are more likely to see an opportunity instead of an obstacle. We are literally just flowing along with whatever appears, making things happen. Kicking ass and taking names. It’s like we’re in superhero mode!

So, something that may seem like a huge pain in the ass when we’re not in the flow state doesn’t even make us bat an eye when we’re in the zone. The universe is there at just the right time to “hand us the scalpel” (or whatever tool, thought, idea, or guidance we need at that moment) when we reach out our hand. We finish our workday feeling like a million bucks because we accomplished so much… and with a positive attitude, not through force or manipulation.

How Does One Achieve Flow State?

Achieving flow state is different for each person. Here are a few things you can test out to see if they work for you:

  • Affirmations that make you feel empowered and positive.

  • Feeling a sense of gratitude.

  • Meditation.

  • Doing something you enjoy and/or that comes naturally to you.

  • Having a good conversation with a colleague or friend.

  • Going for a walk, yoga, or another type of exercise.

  • Reading a book that makes you feel good.

  • Listening to (or playing) music that puts you in a positive mood.

  • Essentially, anything that makes you feel good!

Ideally, you will discover more than one flow state exercise that works well for you.

Once you discover how to enter the flow state you can use it to your advantage by entering the flow state, and then getting to work on a task you need to accomplish. This is how our friend the universe WANTS us to operate… from a place of joy, and in a way that brings us fulfillment and satisfaction!


Getting into a flow state of mind (also known as being “in the zone”) is a great way to recognize the truth behind the statement, “the universe always has your back,” because when we’re in a state of flow, it feels like the universe is right there with us, assisting us to accomplish our goals with ease and enjoyment.

Anything that makes us feel stimulated in a positive way has the potential to put us in a state of flow. So it’s a worthwhile endeavor to discover how to get in the flow state for yourself so you can reap the benefits of rising above negative thoughts and feelings while you build the life of your dreams! 

Can you think of a time in the recent past that you have experienced being in the state of flow?

What are some things you can do to put yourself in a state of flow so you can have a more joyful experience of work and life?

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