Help Someone: 5 Badass Reasons Why Being Kind is Cool

by | Dec 9, 2021

Help Someone: 5 Badass Reasons Why Being Kind is Cool

Being kind is cool for an abundance of reasons. And since we’re approaching the holidays of the year that underscore being kind and compassionate, it’s a perfect time to write about why it’s ALWAYS good practice to help someone.

It’s important to note that when I say, “help someone,” I don’t mean you should indiscriminately give people money. There are numerous ways to help another person. You can offer encouragement, insight, friendship, or support if they’re having a bad day. You can really listen to them if they have some serious shit to work through.

You can give them guidance or mentorship if they want to learn about a subject you are knowledgeable in. You can provide helpful hands if they need assistance with a challenging task. You can give or loan them something that you need, but you aren’t using right now. Many more ideas about how you can help someone in need will come to mind as you develop a desire to help others and a spirit of giving.

Being kind is cool because of a badass universal law called the law of attraction. You’ve probably heard of it. It goes something like this: The energy you put into the world is the energy that comes back to you.

That’s not just a saying. It is the way the world works! The consciousness you operate with (i.e., the shit you think about), determines the people, events, and circumstances that come into your life. Thoughts (and their corresponding actions) are like tiny magnetized particles that pull people, events, and circumstances of matching vibration toward you.

When you help someone in need with a spirit of generosity; others will show up to help you in YOUR times of need. Have you ever heard of the pay it forward movement? It’s about this very thing. Give before you get, and that starts the cycle.

Another way of looking at it is that helping others tells the universe that you feel rich enough to give. And, therefore the universe will bring you more riches.

Another beautiful thing about helping others is that it can inspire a genuine appreciation for those who have helped you. If you’ve been on the planet for any time at all, somebody has helped you do something. And if you’ve experienced success in any way, you have not done it alone. No man or woman is successful without help from others!
So, who gave you support when you needed it most in your life? Even if they did it only once and never saw them again, did anyone ever provide you with direction and guidance with no agenda other than a desire to help someone succeed? Did anyone ever help you move or finish a task you couldn’t complete yourself? Did someone loan you a book or offer a bit of advice that changed your life or outlook for the better?

Did someone help you when you had a flat tire or ran out of gas? If you answered yes to any of those questions, did you get a chance to thank the person properly? And if not, can you contact them now and give them a proper thank you? And if you can’t do that, take a moment to be grateful that someone was there just when you needed them.
Incidentally, showing gratitude for those who have helped us in times of need is another great way to activate the law of attraction. It causes the universe to send us more people, circumstances, and events that make us feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation.
This brings me to another reason why being kind is cool… Giving to others who are down and even worse off than you can help build YOUR self-esteem.
Your perception is your reality, and if you perceive yourself to be a victim, then that is exactly what you will be—a victim. On the other hand, if you perceive yourself to be in a position to give from a surplus, you will become a victor instead of a victim.
That means that it’s a great time to help someone anytime you’re feeling down and out. Doing this will allow you to focus on something other than your challenges. You end up feeling grateful that you have something to offer rather than feeling deprived because you need or want something you don’t have.
So, keep this little nugget of wisdom in your back pocket for the next time you feel defeated or like a born loser. Giving to someone else instead of dwelling on your own feelings and thoughts of your lack can catalyze getting you back on your feet again. You can start focusing on future successes instead of past hardships.
The following reason why being kind is cool is a bit of a no-brainer. But still, it’s worth mentioning. Being generous to others inspires others to be helpful to you. And that has the potential to help your own life and business in often unexpected ways. 
So, while helping others should be done from a place of authenticity and a real desire to be kind, the added benefit is that it makes people like you.

Helping others widens your circle of friends and support. And, as I stated above, no man or woman is a success without friends. When your circle of friends is successful, you also have it made. Every person you help in your life’s journey has different skills, talents, connections, resources, friends, etc. So each person who joins your circle makes your opportunities for business success and life fulfillment exponentially greater in all of those areas.

And there’s always room for another person to join the circle because it always remains a circle—it just grows bigger and provides more and more opportunity for the success and fulfillment of everyone who is a part of it.
The last reason I’ll give for helping others is that it’s the right thing to do. 

I believe we are all here to help one another succeed and that the more one human succeeds, the more ALL of us succeed. And if you’ve read anything about me and my life (find more details in my book, linked here), you must know that I believe there is no such thing as failure.

Because the things we call failure are often the things that give us the strength, understanding, wisdom (and lots of other valuable qualities) that eventually lead to success. And, sharing the insights we’ve gained from our so-called failures is also a big part of helping others succeed.

My book is one of the ways I’ve chosen to help others. In it, I’ve provided a wide-open look at the biggest and worst failures, fuck-ups, and shitty experiences of my life, and all the tools I picked up along the way that helped me start seeing opportunities instead of obstacles.

I want everyone who reads my book to realize that if all this crap could happen to me and I still made it, so can you. The key is not to be defeated by defeat and to use EVERYTHING that has helped you overcome hardship and accomplish your goals as means of assisting others to do the same.

My wish is that you find hope and inspiration in my insights and experiences and that you go forth with a true spirit of giving this holiday season, become a player in the pay it forward movement, and help someone succeed. But most of all, I hope YOU succeed at making failure your bitch!

Want to learn more about how to use your failures and fuck ups to help others AND yourself? If so, grab my new book now!


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