Give Thanks In Everything [Gratitude as a Tool for Empowerment]

by | Dec 2, 2021

Give Thanks In Everything [Gratitude as a Tool for Empowerment]

As we move toward the two holidays of the year that bring up a lot of shit for most of us, it’s a good time to explore some gritty facts about what thanksgiving means and how gratitude can transform your life when you give thanks (in everything).

I’m not talking about some greeting card sentiment that leaves you wanting to vomit red-tinted turkey on your mom’s fancy dinnerware. I want you to kick off thanksgiving with an attitude of gratitude that serves as an EMPOWERMENT TOOL for you to manifest your dreams.

A grateful attitude is one of the most effective keys to success I have found.

What does “giving thanks in everything” really mean? 

You may have heard that perception is reality. What that means to me is that the way you decide to interpret an event will dictate the reality you are about to experience next. So, if you focus your attention on all the shit you hate about the holidays (or anything else, for that matter), guess what? You can bet your next load of shit will be choo-choo’ing down the tracks before you can finish your pumpkin pie.

It’s based on simple laws about how the universe operates. What you focus your attention on is what you attract to yourself.

That in itself is something to be grateful for. It means that YOU have the power to decide what you attract to yourself. If you want to attract more things you feel grateful for, be grateful for what you have in the present moment. It works no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Here are a few gratitude starters:

  • I am grateful for the people who helped me when…

  • I am grateful for the comfort of…

  • I am grateful for the shit that happened to me that helped me learn…

  • I am grateful for the failed relationship that led me to…

  • I am grateful for the job I lost that allowed me to discover…

  • I am grateful for the memories I have of all the things that “went wrong” in my life.

Did you have a shitty parent? Traumatic adolescence? A tragic loss? A debilitating injury? A broken relationship? A failed business? An unexpected catastrophe? A wallow on rock bottom?

I’ve experienced all those things. And something I’ve learned is that not getting what I thought I wanted at the time (on many occasions) has turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. That’s because shit is the best fertilizer on the planet. It makes things grow. And the shit that happens in your life is what makes YOU grow.

Failure is the fertilizer for success! And the greatest lessons in life are often not taught in classrooms. They’re taught through experiences that show us how powerful and resilient we really are.

Take some time this holiday season to thank the universe for sending you all the shit that may not have been super pleasant at the time, but that helped you to learn, grow, discover your strengths, find your tribe, uncover creative solutions, acquire insight that allowed you to help others, develop new skills, and become an all-around better human being.

Replace your worries and fears about things that take your mind out of gratitude with feelings of joy and appreciation for all the positive events, people, and circumstances in your life. Meditate day and night on these visions and imagine even greater and more fulfilling events occurring in your future.

And then get ready to reap the rewards of self-empowerment and fulfillment, because your thoughts create your reality!

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