disasters to dreams

Disasters to Dreams available everywhere:

fired. robbed. divorced.

And with two businesses down the drain.

Chris Patrick was stuck on a one-way street of screwups and failures.

The life he was leading wasn’t what he wanted. But sometimes, not getting what you want is exactly what you need.

Refreshingly candid, this powerful personal development guide will motivate you to transform stress into stability, train wrecks into trophies, and disasters into dreams.

You’ll discover:

  • How to make past failures & mistakes work for you
  • How to create your own rules and live with authenticity
  • Inspirational interviews with successful entrepreneurs
  • Self-reflection & self improvement exercises
  • A sure fire money making & business-booming process

You’ll love this zero-to-hero story because it proves that success can be yours–no matter how many times you’ve failed.

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