Be the Badass You Came Here to Be & Ignite Your True Power

by | Mar 17, 2022

Be the Badass You Came Here to Be & Ignite Your True Power

Whether you know it or not, you are a badass. The question is, are you ready to BE the badass you came here to be? To step fully into your true power? It’s not as hard as you might imagine. Because to be the badass you were meant to be, you simply have to find the strength that already lives within you and unapologetically operate from that place.

Are you doubting the truth of any of that? If so, take a moment to think about some of the most challenging circumstances you’ve come to the other side of… Have you ever lost a job? Been dumped? Experienced childhood trauma? Been bullied? Broken a bone or suffered some other physical trauma? 

The thing is, if you’re human, you’ve been through some shit. And if you’re reading this, you survived. That tells me you’re a badass. Now let’s move on…

Real Power Vs. Apparent Power

Our society has a pretty convoluted notion of what real power is. So before we get down to brass tacks on today’s topic, let me clarify my definition of badassery, i.e., real power. What true power is NOT is some ridiculous asshole engaging in a crude display of authority that makes the pretty maidens go running for the hills in fear.


The kind of true power that makes you a badass doesn’t need to scare anyone to make a statement. People who have to speak loudly, bang their fists on the nearest solid object, or use some other fear-and-intimidation-based tactic to exert their authority show the opposite of true badassery.

I’m not saying that kind of behavior doesn’t get results. If you’ve experienced corporate America, you know that. I believe (and I hope I’m right) that authoritarian control freaks are a dying breed. One way we can all do our part in contributing to their demise is to embrace our true power and be the badasses we came here to be. 

Badasses don’t have to advertise how powerful they are. And they don’t get their feathers ruffled by the antics of men (or women) behind bravado curtains because they know what real power looks like.

Real power commands respect. Apparent power has to force it.

If you’re into really deep, cerebral analyses of things like this, take a peek at the book Power Vs Force by David Hawkins. He refers to the bullshit authoritarian control way of operating as force, not power. Because real power does not have to use force (and fear) to get what it wants. 

How To Be The Badass You Came Here To Be

When you fully embrace your inner badass and operate from there, you get shit done without raising your voice or your blood pressure (or ending up with a heart attack before you turn 50), and you have energy left to enjoy the finer things in life at the end of the workday.

Being a badass is about operating from a place of inner strength. It’s about the calm, quiet self-assuredness that comes from self-trust. 

Take a moment to think about someone you know who exudes an energy of quiet, calm confidence and inner strength.

Just to give you a frame of reference, here are some movie and tv character badasses that exhibit the kind of confidence and the true power that comes from being a real badass:

  • Hans Solo (Star Wars), Indiana Jones, and come to think of it, almost every character Harrison Ford ever played.
  • John Snow (Game of Thrones)
  • Marge Gunderson (Fargo)
  • Frodo (Lord of the Rings)
  • Hunter (Crimson Tide)
  • Lieutenant Ripley (Alien)
  • Jackie Brown (Jackie Brown)
  • Marcellus Wallace (Pulp Fiction)
  • Neo (Matrix)

See my last article, How To Trust In Yourself With Healthy Boundaries, to learn more about building self-trust. 

Self-trust is built with self-care. So, along with setting and keeping healthy boundaries (which creates a positive outer environment), self-care requires maintaining a positive inner environment that comes from being kind and compassionate with yourself. This is especially important if you make a mistake or experience disappointment because those are the times when we are most likely to be harsh with ourselves. For more on this subject, see my previous article, 3 Easy Ways To Be Kind To Yourself And Become More Happy and Productive.

Badasses are their own best friends because they understand the inner strength that comes from self-acceptance. This also helps them have patience and understanding with others, which is the opposite of going on dictatorial power trips. It’s why badasses make the best leaders. They earn respect through kindness rather than forcing it through intimidation.

Compassion for oneself should not be confused with irresponsibility. Badasses take responsibility for their actions (including their mistakes). They don’t expect anyone else to “fix” things for them because they have full confidence that they are capable of taking care of it. And they have the energy and motivation to do it because a tyrannical inner bully hasn’t battered them. For more insight into combatting your inner asshole when you have setbacks or so-called “failures” take a look at this past blog post on fighting the bully within.

Here’s something to always keep in mind: The universe gets behind you the more you get behind yourself. Because the universe WANTS you to succeed. It’s just waiting for you to find your inner strength, start believing in yourself and become the badass you came here to be.


Everybody is capable of being a badass. In fact, you have undoubtedly met your inner badass if you’ve had any kind of hardship at all and made it through to the other side. Being a badass is about having quiet confidence that comes from inner strength. It’s the opposite of tyrannical dictatorship because badasses don’t have to prove anything to anyone else and they don’t have to force people to respect them. Badasses naturally gain the respect of others because they respect themselves. They have created a safe, loving environment within and without that gives them the self-trust required to get shit done while maintaining their poise.

Are you ready to step into your full badass self?

What are some ways you can facilitate the development of inner strength and real personal power?

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