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fired. robbed. divorced.

And with two businesses down the drain.

Chris Patrick was stuck on a one-way street of screwups and failures.

The life he was leading wasn’t what he wanted. But sometimes, not getting what you want is exactly what you need.

Refreshingly candid, this powerful personal development guide will motivate you to transform stress into stability, train wrecks into trophies, and disasters into dreams.

disasters to dreams

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Battling the Bully Inside Your Head

Battling the Bully Inside Your Head

This article explains how to eliminate negative thinking and how to win the battle with the bully inside your head. Eliminating negative thinking and negative self talk will help you succeed in life. Learn to eliminate negative self talk and start thinking more positive.

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Why Should Everyone Be Pissed Off

Why Should Everyone Be Pissed Off

Why am I so mad all the time for no reason? There are certainly plenty of things to be mad about, but being mad all the time doesn’t serve you. If you find yourself mad all of the time you can change your thinking and be less mad. In this article we’ll discuss ways you can be less mad and stop being mad all of the time.

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meet the author

chris patrick

A hard partying snowboard bum turned successful businessman, Chris’s rise to success was hard-earned and well-deserved.

Through trials and tribulations, Chris persevered despite numerous setbacks on the road to his eventual success, such as business failures, loss, and heartbreak.

He hopes to inspire others to see the opportunity within their own failures and overcome their serious hardships, traumatic events, or struggles in order to live their absolute best lives.